Sierra Oaks K-8 Middle School Curriculum

Why choose a K-8 for your Middle Schooler?

Middle School Academics

Standard Classes

Every Sierra Oaks K-8 Middle School Student will be assigned to a Homeroom with a smaller class size of only 25. They will also attend English, History, Science, Math, PE and a 12 week elective that changes at the end of each trimester.

**All 6th grade students take Math 6. No advanced math courses available for this grade.

Advanced Classes

Accelerated 7th grade mathematics – for 7th grade students scoring at or above grade level in mathematics – students begin with 7th grade mathematics and transition into 8th grade mathematics (Preparing to take Integrated Math 1, high school level mathematics)

Integrated Math 1 (IM1) – for 8th grade students who took Accelerated 7, or who are scoring at or above grade level mathematics.

Middle School Activities

  • Dances – 3 per year ( 1 per trimester) + 1 for 8th graders only
  • Rallies – 2-3 per year – usually coinciding with our volleyball and basketball team seasons. Grade levels compete in games of skill and show their spirit.
  • Sports – Flag Football (if enough students sign up), Volleyball, Basketball. (We’d like to add track).
  • College & Career – Every grade goes on a college visitation field trip:
    • 6th — Jr. College
    • 7th — Sac State
    • 8th — UC Davis
  • Guest speakers/Assemblies – 2-3 times per year
  • Academic Awards – Students receiving academic honors attend an honor roll assembly at the end of each trimester
  • Overnight Field Trip – 4 days/ 3 nights with a focus on science curriculum and team building
  • Lunch sports and skill challenges – volleyball, pickle ball, spike ball, basketball tournaments & skill challenges, balance boards, etc…
  • Big Buddies – middle school students work with a younger student 1-2 times per month in a supervised setting helping with reading, playing games, learning rules, team building, etc.
  • Student Clubs – students have the ability to propose new clubs. Our recently active clubs all take place during lunchtime and include:
    • Inclusion Club
    • Yearbook Club
    • Student Greeters (trained to support new students)
    • Club Live (Tobacco Use Prevention Education)
  • Snack period – Every day Mrs. McQuoid and select students run a Middle School Snack Shack with healthy items available for purchase with cougar cash
  • Cougar Cash Mystery Wednesdays – One day per month, students can use cougar cash to purchase a special treat
  • Band – open to all after school, 2x per week currently
  • Choir – open to all, let by Music Instructor Mrs. Mora
  • Spelling Bee – open to all 4th-8th Grade students, top three advance

Middle School Electives

Accelerated PE

This class is not a regular PE class; we will be learning concepts and analyzing different sports in greater depth. Sports/activities that may be included, depending on weather, season, time, and space availability (and not necessarily in this order) are: football, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, volleyball, rugby, track and field, tennis, badminton, pickle ball, gymnastics, hockey, wrestling, softball, cricket, ultimate disc, golf, disc golf, yoga, and possibly dance and rhythmic activities.


Do you enjoy entertaining others by telling jokes or stories? Actors in this drama class will learn the basics of storytelling through theater and acting. They will discover how to create a strong presence on stage with the practice of projecting their voice, developing character, and blocking scenes. Each actor will develop these skills by playing theater games, creating skits, and performing monologues and short scenes. Break out your inner movie star!


(not the same as two years ago)

Work in small teams to build robots that are drivable by wireless control and /or run automatically using sensors. The robots will be designed to meet different challenges, such as racing an obstacle course, moving objects from one place to another, or carrying out a chain reaction. Basic coding, engineering and physics principles will be covered. Team work, collaboration, and problem-solving skills will be practiced daily.

Spanish 1A

(This is a year-long commitment – students enrolled will remain enrolled the entire year).

This class covers the first half of high school level Spanish. The curriculum involves verb conjugation and beginning oral dialogue.

Spanish 1B

(This is a year-long commitment – students enrolled will remain enrolled the entire year).

This class is a continuation of Spanish 1A. After a two-week review of Spanish 1A, the curriculum involves more verb conjugation including past tense, present progressive, conditional and future tenses. There will be a continuation of oral dialogue. An extensive vocabulary will be learned and applied through assignments, exhibits, and field trips.

Speak and Write (Project Based Learning – English)

Bi-weekly, experiment with a different creative writing technique. The subject will remain the same, but your presentation will change. We will write in different voices, point of views, action, description and more.

Bi-weekly we will have “read-in.” You will present pieces of your writing to your classmates. You will learn to modulate tone and volume, speak with confidence, and use proper body language.

Student Leadership

This trimester class is designed to help you discover and develop your talents as a leader. Everyone has the potential to lead, and every day provides you with opportunities and possibilities to lead. In this class you will be actively engaged in activities such as group discussions, reflections/journaling, planning school dances, spirit rallies, fund-raisers, spirit days, and school and community. As you learn how to integrate your leadership skills into your everyday life you will become more confident in your potential and your abilities as a leader.


Science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics come together in this class. Topics covered will include computer science, environmental science, geometric art, engineering challenges, model construction, as well as structure and function in living things. Assignments will be a combination of individual and group projects emphasizing problem solving, creativity, and attention to detail.

Technology Team

Learn how to use the Google Suite programs, computer programming, animation and more. We will also work with video and editing including working with a green screen. Come join our Tech Team!

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