About the PTA

The Sierra Oaks PTA is a vital part of the school community. The PTA works to support programs that benefit all students at Sierra Oaks K-8. Examples of the programs funded by the PTA are listed below.  


The PTA funds the technology needs for our school that are not covered by district funds. Over the past several years, the PTA has sponsored the purchase of Chrome Notebooks to be used in the classrooms and for taking the standardized tests required by California. The PTA has also purchased many iPads to be used daily in the lower grade classrooms to utilize changing technology in the classrooms and the most up-to-date teaching tools!
Photo of an IT professional working on a school computer
Photo of a school librarian helping a student find a book

School Librarian

Have you noticed all of the books your kids take home from the library? That is only made possible with a school librarian. And the PTA provides needed funding to support this critical part of our children’s education.

Theater and Arts

The Missoula Theater Company and the Sierra Oaks Talent Show are just two examples of creative arts programs that are funded bv the PTA.
Photo of students in a school play
We also provided critical funding for literacy, in class enrichment, field trips, and many other programs.

All families are encouraged to become members of the PTA. Our PTA K-8 Connect meetings are open to the community so we can share great ideas and volunteer to help our school be a success. Please see the calendar for specific dates and times. A membership fee of $15 per family is requested and may be made at any time during the school year.

Executive Board

Your 2023-2024 Sierra Oaks K-8 PTA Executive Board:

  • President: Susan Watkins 

  • Vice President of Communications: Zachary Willmann 

  • Vice President of Events: Katie Bornn 

  • Secretary: Natalie Hanson 

  • Treasurer: Heather Wong 

  • Treasury Secretary: Marci Huckell 

  • Auditor: Dora Mercurio 

  • Historian: Marci Wilson 

  • Middle School Liaison: Jenny Phillips 

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