What is the Dollar-A-Day club?  The Sierra Oaks Dollar-A-Day club is a fundraising effort initiated by the Sierra Oaks PTA to encourage every Sierra Oaks family to contribute $1 a day to support funding for critical programs at the school.

Why do we need the Dollar-A-Day club?  As you know consecutive years of budget cuts have dramatically reduced funding for Sierra Oaks.  As a result, our teachers have been asked to take on more students with fewer resources.  That’s where the Sierra Oaks PTA comes in.  Contributions from parents at our school have helped to fill the voids created by the current fiscal situation.  But unfortunately, steady declines in fundraising over the last couple of years have put the future of these critical programs in doubt.

What will the money be used for?   PTA dollars fund a variety of critical programs including teachers’ aides, tutors, the school librarian, field trips, computers, the talent show, the Missoula theater program and much more.

Who can join? – Anyone.  It’s not just for Sierra Oaks families.  Grandparents, friends, business contacts…anyone who wants to help the kids at Sierra Oaks.

How does the Dollar-A-Day program work?  When you sign up for the Dollar-A-Day Club your credit card or PayPal account will be automatically charged $30 once a month (a dollar a day) every month.  You can cancel the automatic recurring payments at any time.

Is the PTA website safe?  Absolutely!  Sierraoakspta.org uses the highest levels of security and encryption.  Your financial information connects directly with your financial institution so none of your critical account information is ever seen or possessed by the PTA website.

How do I sign up?  Go to sierraoakspta.org and click on Dollar-A-Day in the upper right hand corner.

Can I specify where my donations are spent? – Yes.  Teachers’ aides?  Computers?  Field trips?  It’s your money and we will ensure that it is spent the way you want.

Is money donated through the Dollar-A-Day club tax deductible? – YES!  Tax ID: 94-6174473.

Who can I contact for more information? – The Dollar-A-Day club already has a long list of “Cougar Captains” who have volunteered to encourage parents to sign up.  You can see a full list of  Cougar Captains at Sierraoakspta.org/dollaraday.  And if you are interested in becoming a Cougar Captain please contact Tom Puglia or Ann Montgomery at ptasierraoaks@gmail.com.