Missoula Children’s Theatre Presenting “Rapunzel”

RapunzelThe audition for the Missoula Children’s Theatre production of Rapunzel will be held on Dec 8, 2014 at 2:30 pm in the Multi-purpose Room or MP for short. There are roles for those students Kindergarten through 8th Grade. Approximately 50-60 local students will be cast to appear in the show with the MCT Tour Actor/Director. There is no guarantee that everyone who auditions will be cast in the play. Students wishing to audition must arrive by the scheduled starting time and stay for the entire two-hour session. Students wishing to audition must turn in a signed permission slip to the office no later than December 5th.  Click here to download the permission slip: https://sierraoakspta.org/files/2014/11/PERMISSION-SLIP.doc

The first rehearsal begins approximately 15-30 minutes after the audition.  This is a group audition–no advance preparation is necessary, but a smile never hurts. Students should just be ready to come and have a good time!

Rehearsals will be conducted every day from 2:30 pm to approximately 7:00 pm in the MP Room. Although not all cast members will be needed at every session, those auditioning must have a clear schedule for the entire week and if selected, be able to attend all rehearsals required for their role. A detailed rehearsal schedule will be distributed at the conclusion of the audition. Cast members scheduled for the full 4½ hours of rehearsal will be asked to bring a sack lunch, dinner or snack.

The performances will be held on Friday December 12 in the MP Room. The students in the cast will be called for dress rehearsal before the performance that day. All those cast must be available for all scheduled performances.

The Missoula Children’s Theatre is a non-profit organization based in Missoula, Montana. This coming year more than 65,000 cast members across the globe will take to the stage to the delight and applause of their families, friends, community, neighbors and teachers!  The residency in Sacramento is made possible by the Sierra Oaks PTA,

For any questions please contact Dee Hagy at 916-719-5781.