Sierra Oaks APEX 2018

Ad to promote Fun Run

The SIERRA OAKS APEX Fun Run kicked off on Monday during a morning rally and we need YOUR help to make this inaugural event a great success! Please see below for details on how to fundraise and an opportunity to sign up to volunteer and support this event.

On Monday, your child came home with a packet that contained pledge cards, a prize catalog, and instructions on how to use the donation website which will allow your child to start collecting donations right away! Each day, beginning on Tuesday, October 16th through October 24th, your child / children will bring their donations and pledge cards to school.

To award your child/children for turning in donations and pledges each day, PRIZES WILL BE DELIVERED DAILY and awarded based on your child’s fundraising.  The prizes will consist of water bottles, head and wrist bands, fun balls, etc.

How do I fundraise?

Social Media: You will be able to post your child’s / children’s donation website on social media sites. This will allow your family and friends to easily make donations online. They can either pledge an amount per lap or they can make a lump sum pledge.

Email: You can forward the email you receive once you register to everyone in your email address book.

Cash/Check: Your child will have an envelope that they can drop in the front office daily for credit on any cash/check donations they receive.

This is going to be a fun event and we encourage all parents to come out and participate in the fun and cheer on the kids running on Wednesday, October 24th! The kids are truly going to LOVE this!  We need parent volunteers to help run this event. Please see the linked sign up genius to support your child’s class:

Thank you so much for your support!

The donations help the PTA  fund vital activities such as Literacy Support (Lexia, Razz Kids), Field Trips, Technology, Art & Music Supplies, The Cougar Cash Store, and other vital activities.   These programs help support learning and sustain a positive culture at Sierra Oaks where all students can succeed.

Feel free to email any questions to the APEX coordinator at